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Xenoblade Chronicles - ft. Chuggaconroy by Dice9633
Xenoblade Chronicles - ft. Chuggaconroy
Yay!  New actual, non-sketch art.  And more chances to practice scenery for what is personally one of my favourite games.

I also dedicate the piece to Chuggaconroy, a fantastic LP-er who's most recent playthrough is this juggernaut of a title.  Not to at ALL compare severity, but both he and I were pretty "under the weather" this year with some mystery illness, so when I heard he was going through a rough patch, I thought it'd be only right to make a drawing that was a game I loved, a person I admired, and scenery that would provide a challenge.

The "Chugg-inspired" fan character at the bottom is indeed holding the game's main sword "The Monado", but his shirt is also meant to look somewhat similar to the logo for the upcoming Wii U sequel (can't waaaiiittt!!!!!).


Oh, visit my tumblr for more and even a process gif (in case you like those sorta things)…

EDIT:  Full view please!  And visit his YouTube page!…
Vesperia (2014 ver.) by Dice9633
Vesperia (2014 ver.)
Another year, another version of the Vesperia wallpaper.  I think it's fair to say that it's my favourite logo 'star-thing' ever.  

It's not too radically different, but the colours are better.  I've also seen a few Devs use my clean logo!!  Like:
Nakamura02 D-JProductions and a few places on the net.……

I don't mind, rather I'd *NEVER* mind (because it's not originally my logo after all!), but if you DO something with it, let me know, I'd LOVE to see your projects and it makes me happy that people like the clean logo. :D

If you want edits (sizing), message and I can try to compensate for weird PC resolutions or whatever.

Versions of it can also be bought over at my Redbubble and Society 6……
78 Lina Inverse by Dice9633
78 Lina Inverse
This was like the first anime I ever watched ever.  So I drew Lina!

It has a non-specific light source because I kept changing what I was gonna do with it... Ah well, it came out okay for a sketch anyways!
Alisha - Tales of Zesteria by Dice9633
Alisha - Tales of Zesteria
New Tales game, new art!  

She has some crazy spirals and zig-zags in her hair that would probably give cosplayers nightmares to imitate, so I decided to give her more natural looking curls.

See my Tumblr for progress shots and much more…
Huntress in the Woods by Dice9633
Huntress in the Woods
Wow!  An original work of the most unoriginal idea ever!!!! :D

To be fair though, I didn't really have any "big ideas" drawing this, I just started with a sketch and kept adding and adding till it became what it was.  But I'm just happy to post something big and complete again.  I hope you like it too!

Special thanks to some of those big brush packs you can find on Dev.
My tumblr has WIP shots too!!


but just call me Dice. :D
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I hate to give this answer, but it depends on the request.
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